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Value2SMS-The most Effective, Consistent and Reliable SMS platform for Nigerian Networks - MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, GLO, etc and Internationally. Web Shop

Whole 36 States Nigerian GSM Database

Rate: NGN30,000.00
In Stock: 287.00
Total: NGN30000.00

Each States GSM Database

Rate: NGN5,000.00
In Stock: 400.00
Total: NGN5000.00

Each Local Government GSM Database

Rate: NGN3,000.00
In Stock: 267.00
Total: NGN3000.00

Step by Step Importation Guide

Rate: NGN2,500.00
In Stock: 256.00
Total: NGN2500.00

Car Importation Secrets Home Study Guide

Rate: NGN500.00
In Stock: 564.00
Total: NGN500.00

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide Exam Ebook

Rate: NGN1,000.00
In Stock: 456.00
Total: NGN1000.00

64 Interview Questions & How to answer

Rate: NGN500.00
In Stock: 346.00
Total: NGN500.00

Effective CV and Resume Writing

Rate: NGN0.00
In Stock: 324.00
Total: NGN0.00


Rate: NGN500.00
In Stock: 378.00
Total: NGN500.00

GMAT 2014

Rate: NGN500.00
In Stock: 300.00
Total: NGN500.00

GMAT 2012

Rate: NGN500.00
In Stock: 346.00
Total: NGN500.00

How to Send Bulk SMS Free

How to Schedule Bulk SMS

How to Add Phonebook Groups

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