You can interface an application, website or system with our messaging gateway by using our very flexible HTTP API connection. Once you're connected, you'll be able to deliver messages or check your balance. Connect to and send single or multiple sms messages through the following api url:

Full HTTP SMS API: username&password=yourpassword&sender=@@sender@@&recipient=@@recipient@@&message=@@message@@&

TO CHECK RESELLER BALLANCE: password&balance=true&

Protocol HTTP POST SMS Gateway Response word on Success: OK

The parameters are:

1. Recipient: The destination phone numbers. Separate multiple numbers with comma (,)

2. Username: Your account username

3. Password: Your account password

4. Sender: The sender ID to show on the receiver's phone

5. Message: The text message to be sent

6. Balance: Set to true only when you want to check your credit balance

7. Schedule: Specify this parameter only when you are scheduling sms for later delivery. It should contain the date the message should be delivered. Supported format is "2010-10-01 12:30:00" i.e "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"

The return values are:


2904=SMS Sending Failed

2905=Invalid username/password combination

2906=Credit exhausted

2907=Gateway unavailable

2908=Invalid schedule date format

2909=Unable to schedule

2910=Username is empty

2911=Password is empty

2912=Recipient is empty

2913=Message is empty

2914=Sender is empty

2915=One or more required fields are empty

Example: On success, the following code will be returned OK 21 08033333333, 08022222222, 08055555555 i.e OK, 21 is the no. of sms credits used and 08033333333,08022222222,08055555555 are the 3 numbers that failed.